As if Wines


Welcome to As If Wines by Alie Shaper.

Wine has not just been a journey of learning a craft, but the journey of discovering myself as a person.  

“If” has been the guiding principle in my career.  By examining all possibilities and opening myself up to all the answers “if” summons, I have been led to places that I never imagined, but were exactly where I should be. 

I didn’t grow up around wine, but with some nudging from the Fates, I find myself where I belong: in the winery. The trinity of Serendipity, Persistence and Courage play havoc with the best-laid plans, but they will always bring you home.

Through wine, I am able to tell my story and share my experiences.  And just as wine evolves,  I continue to write new chapters in my career as a winemaker.  As If Wines are my personal stories, and I look forward to sharing them with you.